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8/11/14 - LSA Accident - Evolution Trikes - South Heaven, MI


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I know it has nothing to do with Flight Design...

But, we shared hangar and he operated Chicago lake front tour from KIGQ.


Last seem him was on either 8/9 or 8/10...accident was on 8/11...

After returning from our usual weekend flying on either 9th or 10th, we saw him at the hangar and asked us "do you want to go up?"

So, my wife went up with him for a quick 30 min flight...very nice guy...so, we paid for his pizza (good trade!)

Very very nice guy, mild mannered, humbled, and he loved his REVO trikes and the whole concept of LSA.


He started his Chicago operation a few months ago, and we just recently became "friendly faces" at our hangar...

He is the first person we met through aviation who perished from flying incident... we are "shocked" right now.


Here is what happened to on 8/11...



His company information as follows...



Everyone said, it is very unusual to see wing separate from the rest of the aircraft during the flight...manufacturing defect...?

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Great guy and a sad loss.  It's certainly a sad feeling seeing someone's contact information in your phone that is no longer with us:(

Huge hijack here, but Lou Reed - himself no longer with us - had what I consider a great album a while back called "Magic and Loss", about losing a couple friends.


Lyrics contained in one of the songs, "Gassed and Stoked", come to mind...


I knew I should have written, written things down

I always say I'll never forget

Who can forget a one-eyed pilot

who's a concert pianist, ah

A painter, a poet, songwriter supreme

my friends are blending in my head

They're melting into one great spirit

and that spirit isn't dead...


Sometimes I dial your phone number by mistake

and this is what I hear...


This is no longer a working number, baby

please redial your call

This is no longer a working number

your party doesn't live here anymore

This is no longer a working number

if you still require help

Stay on the line and an operator

will try to bail you out.




Full lyrics here: http://www.sing365.com/music/Lyric.nsf/Gassed-And-Stoked-Loss-lyrics-Lou-Reed/805069BA81B84F07482569880034E53F


The album is a tough go, but very worthwhile if you're in the process of losing someone.

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Sorry to hear of the loss, that's sad!


Not to get off in the wrong direction, but how tough are those trikes? What are they rated to stand +/- g loads? 

To actually rip the wings off 'most'  airplanes you have to work at it (I realize there are exceptions)... that just seems odd.. It was a new plane it said? wonder if there wasn't something wrong when it was assembled? I know we have to be careful throwing around notions like that.. hopefully the investigation sheds some light.


Well, regardless, that is too bad :(

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