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2006 CTSW For Sale $62,500 IN ANNUAL RIGHT NOW


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N530CT For Sale


Desirable Steam gauge CTSW 777 TT and engine


Trutrak ADI Pilot 2 axis autopilot with ALT hold coupled to GPS


BRS - Repacked in Jan 2013


5 Year Rubber replacement April 2012


Always hangared


Garmin GNC-250 XL GPS


Garmin GTX-327 Transponder


Glider Tow Package Oil Cooler


This CTSW is owned by the Moccasin Flying Club in Chattanooga, TN.


The aircraft is currently at Champion Flyers outside Birmingham, AL KEET  undergoing an annual and will be sold with the fresh annual


The mains wheel pants are missing


There was a prop strike in 2013 a cone was hit. The prop clutch was inspected per requirements with no damage, and the damaged blades were replaced with new.


Please contact me with any questions


David Schorr









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Very tempting.  I might be interested in buying 50 percent if someone else in the Atlanta area wants to buy the other 50 percent.

I believe there is a member with the username of MovingOn on SPT.com in the Atlanta area that was looking for a partnership at one point.  You might PM him to check for interest.

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These instrument panels are still used in new aircraft here in Europe. 

Many CTs are limited to a gross wt. of 472.5kg and I suppose this binnacle is lighter.






This is effectively a CTSW - CTLS hybrid, with the earlier CTSW binnacle, CTSW body and CTLS landing gear.  It's called  CT Supralight or CTSL,


This particular model has a VP prop with a 80hp engine - note the claimed performance!

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IrishAl, are there any European forums or websites for Flight Design? I'd be interested in learning more from pilots and from dealers about some of the options listed in the airplane you linked to.

Not that I know of...,

Here in Europe we have the problem of differing languages and barriers which only serves to divide what is a small community to begin with, so it can be difficult to attain critical mass for a lively forum.  



Are you saying this particular plane that is advertised as a CTSW is not actually a CTSW, it's a CTSL?

Sorry, Sportpilot - I've sort of pulled things in a different direction.

I was simply commenting on the instrument panel - that it wasn't obsolete.  

We have a microlight class here in the UK (and a similar one in Europe) limited to 472,5kgs MAUW, so empty weight is critical.  This CTSL has CTLS landing gear and winglets on a CTSW body (for lightness). It's not available in the USA but I thought some CT owners would be interested....

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The Neuform prop will develop longitudinal cracks, the lights will haze over and if water gets into some areas where it can't drain very well you may get some delamination in that area. The tail section is the most vulnerable. They really weren't built for being outside 24/7. There are a couple of people that have and do do this, but there is a price to pay.

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