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The engine ring mount bolts

Roger Lee

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We may have visited this before, but here is a good picture. The engine ring mount bolts (4 of them) should be checked each inspection. It is #8 SB from FD. FD originally had these torqued too low and they became very lose. I believe they were originally torqued at 22 Ft/lbs and Rotax recommends almost 30 ft/lbs. Have your mechanic check these bolts each inspection. The LS's have them safety wired, but a few have still been a little lose. You can still get an allen key in the socket even with the safety wire. Just give the back of your wrench handle a couple of good taps with the butt of your hand. It takes a long 6"-12" extension with a #8 mm allen key to get to three of them. It takes a #8 ball end allen key to get to the top left bolt (L3). The Rotax manual states 29.5 Ft/Lbs. Good luck on that 1/2 Ft/Lb. Just torque it to 30 Ft/Lbs. I have not had any loosen back up since I have re-torqued everyone's. In the diagram they are L2 and L3 on both sides. The one that is L3 is the one for the ball end allen.

Rotax engine ring mount bolts.pdf

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