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Metal protection for my metal parts

Roger Lee

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Howdy All,


If you live in a humid climate or leave you plane outside where moisture may come into contact with it here is a great product to keep rust and or corrosion at bay. I used this product for many years in the dive industry when I was a Mfg. of dive compressors that actually sat in the saltwater. this will keep all the corrosion away and protect your metal parts. This is for metal parts only. Anything on the engine or screws or any metal parts i.e. back in the tail under the rudder.

This was made for the Boeing company and works extremely well. It does not leave any slimy or wet feeling. It will flash and leave behind a paraffin based protective coating.

It can be used to protect the engine, wheels, screws, prop hub and just about any metal surface on our planes. It does a great job at displacing actively water wet surfaces, too.


Boeshield T-9


I usually get it in the spray can


Product page:




Frequently ask questions:






"Corrosion-X" works very well too, but leaves behind a slightly wet or slimy surface.

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