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A good aircraft specific tool source


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Some of us probably already use this shop, but it is still worth mentioning.

Aircraft Tool Supply (http://www.aircraft-tool.com). They are geared 100% to the aircraft mechanics and homebuilders among us.

Even if you choose not to order from them, browsing through their online store can lead to a lot of "oh wow i need that!" moments, such as the wire drivers (http://www.aircraft-tool.com/shop/detail.aspx?PRODUCT_ID=134L they come in other sizes too), which are great for some of those ornery spaces for safety wire that you might not get a set of these (http://www.aircraft-tool.com/shop/detail.aspx?PRODUCT_ID=1WA) into very well.

For those that do composite work, don't look im the composites section, look in fabric tools.

Their products are all pretty good quality too. Not Mac and Snap-on quality, but definitely towards that side of the spectrum, which for most of us, that's good enough.

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