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Zero Tolerance for Unrestrained Forum Etiquette


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I'm going to be very blunt because public warnings and PM warnings have done no good. We are all adults not children that have no control.


Because of 4-5 posters the admin's are now going to take a ZERO TOLERANCE for any more personal snide snarky remarks directed at a person or overtly criticizing other peoples aircraft choices. 


The forum is a fun place to be UNTIL 4-5 people which are usually high post members just can't engage the clutch between the brain and fingers. The admins get complaints about one person then the other 4-5 make unrestrained snarky remarks about that person then other people complain about those people.


It comes to an end today. If the 1-4 people (I'm sure they know who they are) make our forum not a fun place then harsher action will be taken to make it that way again.


So starting tomorrow any more attacks will not get any more PM warnings and it will be a 1 week suspension for the first offense, the second offense is 2 weeks, the third three weeks and there won't be a fourth. 

If you only have 1-2 post on our forum then a single warning may be issued.


We used to never have this problem for many years so I hope this goes away because it should never have started.


If you can't restrain yourself then Pilots of America forum has a free for all section where anything goes.



People may post something that may be incorrect. This is the way of all forums, not everything is correct. The reason we have our forum is to educate everyone and share experiences. If you see an incorrect post then rebut it in an adult manner.



If you have heartburn about this post just remember it wasn't anyone, but those few that got us here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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