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KIGQ to KPGA...trip of our lifetime


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We left KIGQ on 10/11, now we are stuck at Liberal, KS. Wind will kick up to 20-30 anywhere west from here later today.


10/11 1335/1910



10/12 0730/0935

KEWK - KLBL (32kts head wind @ 4500)


10/13 Do tour of Dorthy's house...

too windy at Liberal




I think we should get to KFMN...

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Hi FastEddieB,


Somehow, weather report changed and we are thinking to go on tomorrow morning.

Wind will be anywhere between 20-25 constant tomorrow.

All we need is little lower than that to take off from Liberal, Las Vegas, NM & Santa Fe are forecasting 8-12 constant all day tomorrow.

So, once we get out of Liberal, we will be OK. Right now, TAF shows 10-24 gus, but METAR says 9kts constant. TAF is wrong in our favor!


Hoping for a little lower wind & right down the runway would be wonderful! Let's see what happens!

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I used to fly into KIGQ several times a year when my MIL lived there.  Earlier this year I left Aurora for Dallas and the winds were 50kt at 3000ft.  During climb I was doing 40kt on the ground.  After 4 hours of flying we put her down in Marion, IL and spent the night.  I won't do that again.


I did do Sturgeon Bay (KSUE) to Dallas with one stop in October.  It requires a tailwind to do  it in one day (850 nm).

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