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Dynon D120 restarting in flight


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Hello to all,


I have a recurring problem in that my D120 EMS occasionally reboots/restarts in flight.


Sometimes just once, sometimes twice. It might do it once in 10 flights or two or three times in a row on the same flight. Always, to date in the first 10 or 15 minutes of power up. Once it has recovered, it has never done this again later in a flight.


Except for today. It rebooted three or four times them remained out. Cycling the circuit breaker did not help. It blinked on but remained out. I landed, turned off all electrics and it gave no further problems in a subsequent flight of approx 1hr.


I have checked several negative electrical junctions i can find both behind the panel and in the engine bay. Not with a meter but physically and all wires and junctions looked tight and intact.


I have loaded the latest Dynon software into all my instruments.


I can remember a topic similar to this arising previously with recommendations that it may be caused by one of several negative junctions in the engine compartment and behind the instrument panel.


One thought is too run a separate wire from the D120 to the negative battery terminal. The irregularity of its occurrence is problematic in troubleshooting.


Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. 


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Once you've eliminated any wiring issues, reload the latest software.


After that, send it back to dynon. Generally the power supply units in electronics will start to have problems like this as they begin to fail, as the power service capacity drops and cuts out if the unit pulls too much power.

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