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What does PETA stand for?

Roger Lee

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PETA is a lunatic fringe.  Did you know that PETA euthanasias animals like the ASPCA?   They get paid to do it, have killed thousands...


I've heard this a lot. The whole no-kill shelter idea is noble, but it is completely unsustainable. They (supposedly) only euthanize when their shelters are full, but unfortunately since everyone dumps animals on them, they never have any space. It's either euthanizing, or letting them out on the street where they will cause other problems.


Also, be careful about the sources that you get information from. PETA has enemies from the meat industry lobbying heavily against them, and have been on a smear campaign for years. That, and in actuality there's a lot of people who proclaim to be PETA, when they are not.


Anyways, there's only about 300 people who are officially associated with PETA, while there are millions of self proclaimed PETA supporters, and I personally wouldn't doubt there are some extremists and mentally ill among them. Every movement has the nutters.


As for it conflicting with their animal rights message, or some of them being nutters, well, that's a whole other can of worms. I don't want to get drawn into a philosophical argument on this forum, just stating what I know.

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Did you read thread opener? Or just skip to my posts and ignore the rest.  The tee-shirt Roger refers too is a POLITICAL and SATIRICAL comment on PETA.  Like I said, PETA is political, pure politics.  Pure secular-humanist brain-dead politics.

Your question mark is out of place, but the answer to your question lies in my post if you are smart enough to figure it out. This thread was just simple lighthearted humor until you came charging in.

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