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Elijah's Young Eagle Flight


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One of the things I've enjoyed doing is taking kids on EAA Young Eagle Flights..often flying them for their first time in an aircraft. This weekend I flew an 8 year old named Elijah...and it was the most fun of any I've done! It was my kinda' flight! Had my Go Pro aboard..and I do have permission from Elijah and his grandmother who is his guardian Elijah to share this...so enjoy! It's a bit long at 19 minutes..the entire flight was 30...but I think you'll find it worth it! 



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He was just excited!  One of my own sons, who's in his thirties now, said Elijah vocalized everything he ever felt when I would take him flying.  I had a great time, and this was one of the brightest and most interested in aviation kids I've flown.

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Well, it's hard to blame anybody for being excited about airplanes!


I don't think I was any less excited about airplanes and helicopters when I was his age.

I was just lucky enough to "live the dream."

For 42 years, I got to do something I loved . . . even while getting paid for it, and for a few years, quite handsomely.

Could that be any better?

It was almost like getting paid to have a day off. . . . . :)

The last flight was just as much fun as the first one.


Don't get me wrong, there were some dues to pay in between those two flights.

Like for instance . . . getting shot at.

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