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CT2K wiring diagram


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Hello Everyone,


I just found this forum and wondered if anyone has a wiring diagram for the CT2K. I am based in England so I appreciate things may be different in the states.


I am replacing my (Rubbish) Brauniger with all analogue instruments, which will at least be reliable.  I can not find any wiring diagrams on line or in the manual.


There is what looks like a small stereo headphone jack on the upper middle panel which seems to have no known use?


any help gratefully received





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Hi Gary

welcome to the forum.

I assume that you have the  ALPFAMFD.  There is some wiring détails in the manual.



although , there is no mention (don't see it) of the ''headphone jack''.


I don't think there are CT2K in USA with Brauniner panel. The first ones I flew in 2004 had the Rotax Flydat



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