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Sebring 2015

NC Bill

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Our itinerary:


We should be arriving at the Sebring "Raceway Campground" late Wednesday afternoon, after doing the Tampa RV show in the morning.


This will be us (minus the dogs):




We plan on doing the Expo on Thursday, and going to Prof Shuch's seminar on ROTAX engines, then camping out a second night and motoring on Friday morning.


So, as plans firm up, we'll be around for dinner get-togethers either Wed or Thursday or both.


Also a thread on the same topic over on SportPilotTalk.

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Sorry I missed you.


Here's all of the outdoor portion of the show in one 5 minute video.



If you see something interesting, just pause.


WARNING: May induce nausea. Seriously. Don't say you were not warned!

Thanks Eddie.

I was thinking the Keystone Cops would show up any time. . . . :)

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