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670 hours TT

Traditional gauges, includes Castleberry attitude gyro

Digiflight 2 axis autopilot with ALT hold coupled to GPS

BRS - repacked 3/13

5 Year rubber replacement completed, including new motor mounts

Matco brakes and wheels upgrade

Tundra tires

Sensenich prop (no TBO inspection required), electronically balanced

Emerging Lifesaving Technologies 406 mhz ELT with internal GPS

Upgraded soft start modules

New fuel pump

Zaon collision avoidance module

Registered as ELSA, option to do own work and condition inspection

Annual inspection completed January, 2015

Alway hangared


Located Santa Paula, CA , SZP


Call Roger, 805 794-6788

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There was a prop strike in 2013 at idle speed. The prop clutch was inspected/repaired by California Power Systems. The plane has a new Sensenich prop, nosewheel fork and new style nosewheel pant. The new style pant has much better flying/trim characteristics.

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The front wheel pant installed on our CTSW is the new version used on the CTLS.  As I understand, it is aerodynamically different.  It is a very subtle change and no differences could be seen from a photo.  The old pant acted like a front rudder and at times reduced directional stability and made it harder to trim hands off.  The new pant provides significant improvement.   At least in my experience. There are other threads in the forum where this is discussed.  I'd appreciate not using this "for sale" thread for extended other conversations.


Roger Kuhn

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Still a good deal.  In the pics it looks brand new.


Wait a minute Morden isn't it possible to buy a Piper or a Cessna for half that amount of money?  Why would someone blow $65k on a little SW with a prop strike and a panel full of steam gauges??

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