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2015 Annual Page, AZ Fly-In

Roger Lee

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The time has come. If you said you were going to wait until next year then that time has come. This will be my last year to be the front runner for this event. Someone else can take it over (it isn't that tough). If no one does then this is our last and it's time to step up and come have fun with us one last time.

After I get the river trip setup then you all can copy and paste this post to other flying websites. All are welcome CT or not.

Annual 2015 Page, AZ. Fly-In


Dinner Thursday night starts at 1730 hrs. at the Ranch House Grill. BBQ ribs and baked chicken plus all the sides. This is just 2 blocks north of the hotel. 

819 Navajo Drive

biggrin.gifLake Powell, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, Zion, Grand Canyon, Bullfrog Marina Resort...
Make those reservations now. It's time again to work on the Page, AZ Fly-In. We changed a few things last year that added some new fun. We did the river raft trip the day before the actual Fly-In day. It was a great raft trip. I would highly recommend it.
We changed up some of the routes last year which turned out well so we'll do it again.

The Page, AZ. Fly-In date is October 15-18, 2015

We will fly the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley (breakfast), Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon (breakfast), Bullfrog Marina and Resort (breakfast).

I have blocked off 30 rooms. We will be at the Clarion Inn with a rate of $65 (2 queen beds). I hope to have a record number of CT's and LSA aircraft for our Page Fly-In. Just like last year make the reservations early so you don't miss out and the hotel won't hold all 30 rooms forever.

Do not wait this year. Book it now and you can cancel up to 24 hours before Oct. 15th. Get it booked and reserved, then if you have to cancel you can, but if you wait again then you may not be staying with the rest of us and at your own peril for rates and possibly a different hotel. They book darn near the whole town in October.

"You must tell them you are with the CT Group" for your reference and the rate of $65 a night. We will arrive Thursday morning, Oct. 15th. and head home Oct. 18th. Sunday or Monday morning. Breakfast is free in the mornings. This hotel has not only a continental breakfast, but a full breakfast.
I talked to the people at the Ranch House Grill and they will cater our evening meals again. We will have evening meals together Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Clarion Inn

Ask for Illisa IF you have any issues with your reservations.
751 South Navajo Drive, Page, AZ 86040


We will fly into the Page airport - KPGA.
We are staying with Classic FBO and with our group we should get a 30 cent discount on fuel.
Classic is not the first FBO next to the runway, but the second one behind them.

The Antelope Canyon tour and the Dam tour is open if anyone wants. These are land tours.
You guys are welcome to invite other planes that are not CT's and everyone is welcome. Find some more LSA's.

I will develop GPS coordinates for all our routes and post them so you can enter them in your own GPS. I have a plan to better deal with all our planes for our flights so they are not crowded in the mornings or evenings.

Don't miss this, we always have fun.

p.s. biggrin.gif
I would like everyone coming to shoot me an email so I can put together a roster and make name tags. If you attended last year and we have your personal info then just say you are coming. If you did not come last year then I would like the email to include: N#, Names of you and co-pilot, cell phone number, city, state.
This is a big help for me to last year to organize our fly outs since we have so many planes and gives old friends and new friends a way to contact each other if need be.

Roger Lee

The River Raft trip (don't miss it).
You must refer to this Reservation Number: 84025 and tell them you are with the CT group.
A 1/2 day raft trip on Wed. Oct. 14th from Glen Canyon Dam down to just above Lee's Ferry.
The trip starts in Page (at 1100 hrs) where we will take a shuttle bus down below the dam. We will board a 20-22 person raft and travel down river for about 1.5 hrs. and get out for drinks and photos. Then back in and on down close to Lee's Ferry. Then we turn around a high speed boat back to the start. There is no white water just a nice trip down through the canyons. The cost for all of this is $83 a person. The phone number for the reservations is 928-645-9175. If you want to bring a lunch that is okay. You can buy a lunch right there on site for $10.50. Drinks are provided.
Don't be left out, I know of at least 6 people that have already signed up so don't be late to make the boat, sign up now. They have a 48 hr. cancellation policy and you get it all back except a $7 charge. This means you will have to arrive in Page Oct. 13th.
Here is the link: http://raftthecanyon...day-raft-trips/

What are you waiting for, let's go, I'm already signed up. ;)

People signed up for Page that I have info for: (If your name isn't here I haven't any info from you)


(Aug. 8, 2015)  p.s.

If for any reason you need to cancel please let me know as we are out of rooms and have a few people waiting for a room and we can just transfer a new name to your room


Roger Lee
Tim Greer

John-Olav Johnsen
Gary Wood
Peter Van Kamp
Lee Bergman
Mack Brame
Bill Ince
Bruce Sherman
Andy walker
Joe Hanz
Mike Koerner
Torsten Leibold
Peter McEvoy
Philip Welsch
Gary Roberts
Duane Jefts

Larry Jefts
Tip Ruffner
Matt Schrauder
Gregg Solove
Karel Vranken  ( From Belgium)

Ron Kreinenkamp

Jim Roberts

Dick Eaton

Glenn Brasch

Harmon Lowman

Bev Buchholz

Rick Kelty

Tom O'Sullivan

Loran Blasdell

Don Buckey

Ernie Bitten

Darryl Swenson




I have just rented a 12 passenger van to help shuttle people around were they want to go. We usually share the driver runs as needed.


Avis Car rental is right at the airport. They usually give us 30%-40% discount. If you call them tell them you are with the CT group and the Fly-In in Oct. If you forget or have already made reservations for a car they will honor the rate when you walk up to the counter and identify yourself with the group.


  • Avis Rent-A-Car - Page Municipal Airport Car Rentals
  • At the Page airport main terminal.
  • (928) 645-2024
  • avis.com
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Roger, not sure if bob will but yes we will be there either by ct or delta.....

1- neck fusion surgery done!

1- lower back fusion surgery done


now just need 2 new shoulders and knees and ill be set!


put vicki and i down (377ct) and ill ask bob



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I made hotel reservations for myself and Tip.  I need to confirm my passenger and then I will email you with all of our details.  I believe Bruce said that he may be coming as well.  We look forward to meeting all of you in person and hope that the weather (out our way) for our trip doesnt hold us up!

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Hi Roger,


My self & Lillie in 292CT + 210RR will join again this year.

Again, sorry we had to bail out last year...I will try to get more days off this time around.


Can't wait to see everyone again!




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