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Something I wrote for an online fiction course.

Doug G.

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[Thought you CFIs might enjoy this.]

I was tellin' my girlfriend that I had a rough day yesterday...again. Not my

fault. Look, I know that learnin' to fly aint supposed to be easy, but ya know,

this is no airliner like I fly on my computer. It's just a small plane! It only has,

oh, I don't know, maybe six or eight gauges and a radio. That's it, oh yeah,

and a compass that never points the right way. My instructor keeps tellin'

me, "Go easy on the stick.", "Watch that airspeed.", "Keep that altitude." He

just keeps yappin' - and I'm payin' him to do it.

I mean it's simple - you push it goes down, you pull, it goes up, left goes left,

right goes right, more throttle makes it faster, less makes it slower, and the

rudder doesn't seem to do much that's important - big deal! He thinks this is

more complicated than a Rubik's Cube. Yeah, I've had a few rough landings,

but it aint like I've killed anybody. Hell, I haven't even bent the plane. Once

or twice I got close to the side of the runway, but I saved it. You'd think that

after going up with him ten or twelve times he'd just let me fly the damn

plane. I think he gets scared easy. Oh, then there's the ground school stuff. I

don't want to learn all that crap, I just want to fly the plane. Why should I

learn about weather, regulations and all that. I mean, the plane has windows,

you can see the weather, and as far as the regulations the only one who

seems to care around here is him. That certificate he has says he can teach

people to fly but it shouldn' t mean he can stop them from flying. I think I am

doing pretty damn good, but he keeps messin' me up!

Maybe I should find a new instructor, one who will let me be more like those

old pilots who just got in their planes and took off - they didn't worry about

gauges, or regulations, or any of that stuff. Lots of them had rough landings

and no one seemed to care. Yeah, need a new instructor - so I can get my

license and have my girlfriend with me instead of "Mr. Perfection!"

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Over half of those attempting to get either the Sport or Private pilots license quit...sounds like that guy is fishing for a reason to do just that...Hmmm

Hmmm...  Why did I think that the point was totally different.  I guess that I just don't understand "sarcasm"...or was it "banter"...or was it "irony"...?  Anyway, I thought the point had nothing to do with the success rate of flight training.  


Maybe we should have contest to write the best "ending" to this story...   :)  

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