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2015 Baja Whales Trip


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We're off for the Baja tomorrow, through the weekend.  Weax is ??? for our planned return Sunday, so we may get "stuck" an extra day or two.


We'll be leaving Nogales, AZ (fuel top-off) around 8:45 am and flying across Norther Mexico and then the Gulf of California, then down the Baja to Loreto.  Fri or Sat we'll go to the Pacific side for some whale petting.


I'm excited to be flying with the Dynamic Barrow Duo, Duane & Larry.  They'll be flying a 172 with long-range tanks.


Here's our SPOT Link

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Wow... it sure went quick.  Fun Fun Fun.  Especially with Farmer & Duane.

1414 Miles flown, including side-trip to Pacific side for Whale watching.

58 Planes made the trip, including two Aerotek Light Sports (and a jet)

This was about 15 feet from our boat... an energetic baby learning to jump.


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after snorkeling with whalesharks at Ningaloo Reef on my last Australian CT trip I think I just have to join a Bushpilot Whale trip to Baja California. I know it is still some time before going  but I just love planning ahead. I already contacted Jack McCormick of BBP. Thinking of starting in Bisbee again, I would like to stop at Puerto Penasco first for a visit of the Pinacate Region. Have you flown over to Los Mochis and on to the Copper Canyon Region before? I am going to join BBP but would be interested in your opinion. Thanks for sharing!

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