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2008 CTLS for sale $95,000

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I'm sorry to report that our flying club is evolving away from an LSA toward a four-seat Cessna or Piper, so we're selling our 2008 CTLS. We've listed it on Barnstormers and Trade-a-Plane.




N227CT specifications
2008 Flight Design CTLS
serial number F-08-06-13, 1314.5 total time
Rotax 912ULS engine
serial number FR 50 899, 1314.5 total time
  • Light Sport Airplane engineered and manufactured in Germany
  • 100 knots at only 5 gallons per hour
  • 100 hp Rotax 912ULS prefers cheaper premium mogas over expensive 100LL
  •  32 gallons usable fuel @ 65% power = 100+ kts, 6+ hrs flying time, 800 nm range
  • electric flaps with -6 degrees reflex setting for less drag in cruise
  • 3 blade ground-adjustable composite propeller
  • 525 lbs useful load
  • 795 lbs empty, no need for a towbar--just roll it by hand
  • cockpit 9 inches wider than a Cessna 172--no rubbing shoulders
  • easy in/out with gullwing doors and low door sills
  • plenty of headroom for pilots taller than 6 feet--seats adjust back and down
  • leather seats with adjustable cushions and shoulder harnesses
  • BRS emergency parachute deploys by rocket, safely lowers entire plane
  • 110 lbs baggage in baggage compartment, two external baggage doors
  • seats remove easily to carry fishing poles/guns/skis/dog kennel
  • LED position lights and bright halogen landing light for night flying if Private Pilot
  • maximum demonstrated crosswind 16 kts (Cessna 172 is 15 kts)
  • Maintained by a Rotax-certified A&P I/A, 25 hour oil changes, 100 hour inspections
  • Glass panel: Dynon EFIS-D100 flight information system and EMS-D120 engine monitoring system

  • TruTrak FD Pilot two-axis autopilot with altitude hold, heading or GPS course tracking

  • Garmin 696 GPS

  • Garmin SL40 VHF comm radio

  • PS PM3000 intercom

  • Garmin GTX330 Mode S transponder with TIS traffic displayed on GPS screen

  • XM satellite weather displayed on GPS screen

  • Backup analog airspeed, altimeter, inclinometer

  • 406MHz ELT with remote switch in cockpit

  • ANR headset power jacks

Airframe maintenance:
  • annual condition inspection done 1/20/15 1314.0 TT
  • new main tires and tubes 7/14 1232.8
  • 6-year parachute repack done by Ballistic Recovery Systems 6/14 1192.8
  • new nose wheel tire and tube 3/14 1145.1
  • 1000-hour propeller inspection done by Flight Design 8/13 1064.7
  • 2-year transponder test done 5/13
Engine maintenance:
  • 100LL fuel only, no mogas, since 2011
  • 25 hour oil changes with Aeroshell Oil Sport Plus 4, Rotax filters
  • 100 hour and annual inspection done 1/20/15 1314.0 TT
  • 200 hour carburetor inspection, cleaning, synchronizing done 10/12/14 1295.1
  • 5-year rubber hoses replacement done 1098.2
  • installed replacement fuel pump 1064.7
  • 600-hour gearbox inspection done by Lockwood Aviation 858.7
  • installed remote oil pressure sender (firewall rather than front of engine) 765.0
  • installed Reiff engine pre-heat system 150.7
Accessories included with sale:
  • customized checklists
  • Tanis custom cowling blanket
  • Bruce’s Custom Covers cowling and windows cover
  • FlyTies tie-down kit
  • spare tires and tubes
  • spare landing light bulbs
  • oil, filters, composite cleaning supplies
  • toolkit
Hangared at Ankeny, Iowa (IKV, just north of Des Moines)
Joel Severinghaus
Clear Skies Flying Club
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Jim, if you mean our passenger-side foot rest made from a foam yoga wedge that keeps passenger toes off the rudder pedals, yes, you've seen this plane in Iowa. That's what made an impression on you?!


Procharger, alas, yes, she has a repair history. This is a flying club plane that has had three hard landing incidents/accidents (the club no longer takes student pilots). There's an NTSB report for the 2011 accident (which met the "accident" definition due to some firewall cracks around the lower engine mount bolt holes that had to be repaired at a Flight Design Service Center.)


Fortunately, the CTLS is designed so that in a hard landing the easily-replaceable main gear legs flex and crack, and the nose gear bends its mounting tubes on the engine mount, but usually no damage is done to the fuselage, and the three-blade prop clearance prevents a prop strike. Our current engine mount, nosewheel, nose gear steering rods, main gear legs, and gear leg fairings have only about 200 hours on them. We've twice made invisible composite repairs to the ventral fin after pilots cracked it while over-rotating.


I have logbook copies and insurance claim and repair paperwork to share with potential buyers. We've been very picky and diligent about maintenance (and repairs).

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Our flying club treasurer says price reduced -- $89,500.


Patrnflyr John, we continue to be grateful for the avionics upgrades you put in when you bought N227CT, and that you traded her in on your 182, so we could buy her! She's been a wonderful plane, and you'll be pleased to know that three pilots have flown their first solos with her. I've camped beside her at Oshkosh, and she's made many trips throughout the Midwest, and as far as Texas. We've flown her about 300 hours per year, so she's been getting very frequent oil changes, and several 100-hour inspections in between annuals.

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