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Sport Upgrade Clear Winner


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Just got the sport upgrade. 


First takeoff for one pattern landing felt like a rocket ship compared to the old plane (4950rpm, at 1000fpm at nearly a Vx climb angle).  2 hour xcountry back to home base in HEAVY chop saw the illusive 5000rpm with 26.75 prop 800fpm climb at 4000DA. Cruise was never full throttle, most of the time 5300rmp was 3/4 throttle at 9,500 (10,500DA). 5400rpm, 5gph at that DA.  The heavy chop prevented me from more than half throttle about 5k rpm on the way back.  Even with 18kts headwind (4kts xwing component) still got 110 gs.


It is clearly a different airplane.  At idle I could never control taxi speed because i couldn't idle below 2k without the engine going rough and trying to quit.  Now it can go to 1800 easily and be smooth. The taxi is easily held between 10 and 15 or so.


The noise in the radio did not go away though, so we are gonna talk to FD about it.  Thanks Roger for helping with the dongle issue.  Turning on backup power worked, it was still flaky (many timeouts), but at least got the new engine serial number loaded.

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I concur with Hamburger. I had the upgrade done last December by Lockwood and just logged 115 hours on my Jubilee edition and it seems like it gets faster (acceleration ) every time I fly. Flying with a passenger at gross weight, you can 

definitely feel the increased kick in the pants during the take off run and climb out.


Fuel economy has also improved. Flying between 4800 and 5200 RPM's, i'm seeing 2 to 3 tenths of a gallon improvement, maybe more as this is just guess.

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