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Dynon D100 & D120 DSAB Lost Peers


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We have a problem on our EFIS D100 & EMS D120. The EFIS cannot takes EMS data and vice versa. We've check DSAB status on each unit and get "lost peers" status on EFIS & "offline" on EMS (pictures attached).

We've make sure the continuity on DSAB cable between EFIS & EMS and seems no problems on it.  Are there any advises that we can do to fix the problems?






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Do this in the order i have prescribed. If you fix it with the first few steps, stop and be done.


Ensure all dynon avionics have the same software version per the manuals. If not, go directly to updating software section, as all avionics must be the same version.


Use the dsab autoconfiguration feature to try and reconfigure the network.


Check for good grounds, and check cable for shorts between pins.


-- UPDATING SOFTWARE (do this entire section if above fails)


You need a serial cable with 9 pins. You might need to buy a usb to serial cable. The connections for the avionics tend to be in the tunnel around where your butt sits. You will need to disconnect the gps connector from the efis for this process, or from the hs-34 connector if equipped.


First, record hobbs and tach readings, and settings, in the ems as applicable.


Next, hook up a power supply to the battery to ensure a reliable power source with battery backup provided by the ac bat. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO LOAD SOFTWARE WITHOUT A POWER SOURCE WITH BATTERY BACKUP. IF YOU LOOSE POWER THERE IS A HIGH CHANCE OF BRICKING YOUR AVIONICS.


Familiarize yourself with dynon's update utility. Use the "check software version" functionality to verify a good serial connection.


Backup your software with dynon's tools and then load the latest software from dynon. If you have an HS-34 and AP-74 servos (highly unlikely due to trutrak on your panel, different servos), the servos must be updated first if you have them, then the HS-34, then the efis and ems.


Autoconfigure the dsab network. Problems will hopefully resolve.


Load in settings if they were lost.




If the above fails, contact dynon support or someone familiar with the avionics in your area.

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What year is the plane and what version software on the Dynon's?


If this has not been done then this is most likely your problem. A long time ago Dynon posted a bulletin to disconnect the #2 yellow wire on the EMS D120 37 pin connector. Just did one today matter of fact.

If this has been done then try to do a configure on the units in the D100 menu with everything on in plane.

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