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April 17~26 Chicago to Pensacola / Lakeland / Marathon FL


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Now, we are planning a trip to Marathon, FL

Here are our preliminary trip itinerary...hope weather will be nice!


At first, we will stop at Bolivar, TN for 93 oct fuel, then also to Quitman, MS for the same reason.

We will stay in Pensacola, FL first and try to see how weather goes in central Florida.

If weather permits, we will go to Lakeland for sun & fun.


Same goes for Marathon, we will wait to see how weather in south Florida and make decision near Lakeland.



a.     KIGQ to M08 – 386nm

Bolivar, TN (East of Memphis, TN)


b.     M08 to 23M – 188nm

Quitman, MS (South East Mississippi)


c.     23M to KPNS – 125nm

Pensacola, FL


04/18 or 19

a.     KPNS to KVDF or KPCM

Near Lakeland, FL for sun & fun


04/20 or 21

a.     KVDF or KPCM to KMTH



a.     KMTH to KIGQ

        Going back to Chicago

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If you have any issues down or back, keep Copperhill, TN in mind. Tools, some parts, ground transportation, whatever.


Otherwise, enjoy!


Maybe we can stop by Athens, GA & Copperhill, TN on our way back!

I will update you on our journey through this forum!

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Wish you luck on the Florida legs,summer has come early,afternoon storms throughout central fla almost every afternoon. Fly early in the AM west coast along the water has been good.


I am carefully watching the weather and basically all of the activities are coming out of east coast of Texas ~ Gulf of Mexico and slowly coming up to north east.

We may need to move our trip date from Friday to Monday...who knows...I will keep monitoring the weather and make the decision on Thursday night.

Looks like weather is so unpredictable especially around the Florida panhandle...

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Hi Roger,


I just learned that brother in law had a stroke a few minutes ago... Not only nature is against us, but also family emergency situation put us in impossible situation for us to leave out of town...

This is very bad for us since he is the only person currently taking care of mother in law in daily basis...


This trip has been cancelled......but more importantly, life comes first.

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