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C4 flying photos

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Remember, they are going after alternative fuel and noise abatement...two things the USA customers don't care about.  But are packing it with everything needed to wipe out Cessna on both their much more expensive and less capable Skyhawk and Skylane products.


Stick instead of yoke, Garmin G3x instead of G1000, BRS parachute versus none on Cessnas, cruise at 155ktas versus Skyhawks 125ktas and Skylanes 156ktas, and useful load of 1320lbs versus  Skyhawks 900lbs and Skylanes 1020lbs. 


The fuel burn will also destroy Skyhawk and even the turbo version of Skylane.  And the takeoff and landing distances for the C4 dwarf the heavy metal 50 year old designs of Cessna.  Price?  Well the C4 will be 2/3rd the price of Skyhawk, less than half the price of Skylane.


The big trick of course is will FD be able to make enough to meet demand. 

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