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Hitchhiking to Page Fly-In


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I went to the 2010 Fly-In without a plane and was lucky enough to find a solo pilot willing to take me.

Thanks again Philip..it would have been a lot different without you.

I want to go back this year , but leaving from here , it takes time and more planning and border crossing is now more complicated.


But FLYING THERE is part of the fun too.  So.....I'm hitchhiking anyone willing to take a passenger/ co-pilot along the ride..  from the eastern/central/northern states if possible....I'll pay my share of course.


If there is someone looking  for a Navigator / Co-pilot / Rotax mechanic / CFI  on the right seat and he/she  is hesitating to do the flight alone....I can help



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I'll vouch for Jacques. He's a nice guy and and has lots of knowledge to share. He won't weigh you down either, he can't weigh more than a good foot long Subway sandwich with all the trimmings.  :)

If anyone can help him out he owns a CT and can help fly too if you need a break.

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