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Map storage


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Somewhere on this Forum I found a description of plastic storage pockets I had made for either side of the centre instrument panel on my CTLS... only I can't find that link.


I have replaced the door pockets with plastic pockets (see photos) that are just great for holding charts etc, they are formed from 3mm (1/8th) clear sheet and use many of the mounting fixtures (rivnuts) used by the fabric pockets that are supplied standard from FD Germany. The only thing to watch out for when fitting extra rivnuts is that you don't foul the door latching mechanism.


I use "Zulu" headsets and the problem was what to do with the control pods... so I added a centre plastic book storage and on the front of it we have the control units for the Zulu. They are held in place by a rubber band of suitable proportions.


Hope you can all get the idea from the attached photos.


Waggles. PS... Sorry about the double image but couldn't figure out how to remove one!

post-176-040804000 1286092963_thumb.jpgpost-176-040804000 1286092963_thumb.jpg

post-176-042915100 1286093036_thumb.jpg

post-176-097592200 1286093068_thumb.jpg

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Trying to learn how to use this forum. Hears what I have done to increase map and other "articles" to store. See this site for photos of my minor enhancements to storage etc.. http://gallery.me.com/skippercoats#100199 This is a "small album" of photos of minor ideas implemented. The chocks are made from simple PVC -- heated and bent around the "tires" or cut out a radius to suit you. Fill the PVC with sand to keep it from crimping at the bend radii -- I used a standard heat gun -- probably could use a real good hair dryer?. Also, note the leather "big pocket" to be installed between the baggage and cabin -- simply replaces the "nylon" type material thats comes in the aircraft. I will replace the small posts with what is known as Lift- O-

Dots -- this will hold the sewn pocket and will require no modification of the A/C etc.. The cup holders were made using a foam that is from WalMart -- sold at WalMart in the camping department -- basically camping pad-bed roll etc.. I've used this material also for tool cut outs in my tool boxes. Simply sew a strip the proper lengeth together and invert and then paint for "elegance" -- Used a 1/8 inch cut out of Balsa for the bottom and double face tape top hold in position on the "floor" -- This may not work for folks whose body mass exceeds the seat sides -- works for me --but I'm only 145 pounder. More details desired? Send me an email <dacoats@suddenlink.net>

David Coats


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Just wondering about map storage etc. My new to me ctsw does not seem to have pockets on the doors. Are there some available from FD or are there any aftermarket ideas.

Show me your pics. 



Rich Chesser

2005 CTSW 

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On 6/11/2017 at 10:56 PM, JLang said:

Andy, don't I remember seeing a nice, large map storage folder (sleeves?) between the seats in one of your pics?  I can't seem to find the pic now...

I don't think so...I only have the factory sleeve/holder on the bulkhead behind & between the seats.  BTW, somebody asked so here is a picture that shows the factory door pockets (on a 2007 airplane):



I never use the factory door pockets; the only thing in them is barf bags which I've never needed.  I use the shelf under the instrument panel, or tuck papers between my seat and the central tunnel.  But really I don't use those much either, I just don't have much paper in my cockpit.  When I go places like Oshkosh or Triple Tree that have specific arrival procedures, I will tuck a copy on board.

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So I I knew I was, at most, only partially nuts, so after digging I found the pic I mistakenly thought was Andy's.  It was from DesertFlier's "for sale" post:

DesertFlier, hope you don't mind me hijacking your post, but the Barnstormer pics showed large hanging pockets between the seats.  This is much larger and nicer than my small factory sleeves.

Roger, you said you are familiar with this plane, do you know where the hanging pockets came from?

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