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2012 Low Time CTLS For Sale


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Purchased new from FD West September of 2012, this fully loaded carbureted CTLS is as like new as you'll find. 80 hours total time all flown by me and plane always stored in hangar. Never damaged, no accidents. Expertly maintained on field by Flight Design Service Center (P3 Sports, LLC). Spinner-to-Tail Warranty valid through September of 2018 (includes one extra year). Dynon ADS-B has been added with executed MRA from Flight Design. Also has Garmin ADS-B for the 796 and Bluetooth devices. Scanned copies of log books and/or component serial numbers available by request.  


2012 Flight Design CTLS
S/N F-12-01-07
80.1 TT



Contact Chad Graves, cg7711cg@hotmail.com or (303) 946 6020 for more info.


100HP Rotax 912ULS engine w/Stainless Steel exhaust
Sensenich ground-adjustable 3-Blade Composite propeller
Empty Weight 811.29lb


Equipment List

  • Dual Dynon SkyView SV-D1000 10" Displays
  • Dual Dynon SkyView SV-BAT-320 Backup Batteries
  • Dynon SkyView SV-XPNDR-261 Class 1 Mode-S Transponder w/TIS traffic and ADS-B Out via 1090 ES
  • Dynon SkyView SV-ADSB-470 UAT Band ADS-B Traffic and Weather Receiver
  • Dynon SkyView SV-EMS-220 Engine Monitoring
  • Dynon SkyView Integrated 2-axis Autopilot
  • Dynon SkyView SV-GPS-250 GPS Receiver and Antenna
  • Dual Dynon SkyView SV-ADAHRS-20X ADAHRS Modules w/dual Angle of Attack Pitot Probes
  • Dual OAT Probes
  • Garmin aera® 796 Panel-mounted Touch-screen Portable GPS w/WAAS position accuracy and XM Music/Weather
  • Garmin GDL® 39 ADS-B receiver (Traffic and Weather to aera 796 and Bluetooth devices)
  • Garmin SL40 Comm (frequencies fed by aera 796 and displayed on Dynon)
  • PM3000 Stereo Intercom w/iPod Port
  • 406 MHz ELT w/remote panel
  • Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (Light Weight)
  • LEMO Plugs for ANR headsets
  • Leather Seating Package
  • Flight Design Night Flight package: LED Landing Light & LED strobes and position lights
  • Flight Design Tundra Wheels & Wheel Fairing Package
  • Three axis trim system including electric control for pitch
  • Cabin heater, carburetor heat
  • No bounce composite main landing gear
  • Ballistic parachute system
  • Fire extinguisher and CO Detector
  • 4-point pilot and passenger harnesses
  • 12V Accessory plug













Weight & Balance.pdf

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I truly enjoy(ed) it and would keep it but the hangar won't hold two. Upgrading to faster with 4 seats so the kids can go too.


We own two now the FD and a 4-seater, just get another hangar....what are you looking at in the 4-seater?

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We own two now the FD and a 4-seater, just get another hangar....what are you looking at in the 4-seater?


Still narrowing options. And C4 isn't ruled out, the timing is understandably fuzzy as they finalize the wing design, confirm performance numbers, come through with some kind of FAA certification and build at least a few dozen. In the meantime I'm ready for a different kind of flying. Having been silent here for years I sincerely appreciate the resource that this site is for CT owners.

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  • 3 months later...

For those who follow this sort of thing, this aircraft has been sold. There was quite a bit of activity on the aircraft over the 90-days or so it was listed and about a half-dozen offers that didn't work out for one reason or another. Out of respect for the privacy of the buyer I'm not inclined to disclose the transaction price however I can report it was fair and equitable for both parties and supported a healthy pre-owned market for the CT. Thank you again for all who are involved in this Forum, I'll miss having it free... the Cessna advanced aircraft club site sadly is not!

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