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Interested in Purchasing CTLSi


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I'm new to the CT Flier Forum, and am considering moving from an SR22 into light sport, and am seriously considering the CTLSi.


Would consider new or a low-hours used one.  My understanding is that very few new ones are being sent to the US, and I'm not sure what to make of that.


If there's a used CTLSi I'd also be interested in looking at that as well.  If anyone is considering selling a plane that fits with what I'm looking for, please contact me at 314 409-8932 or at andybresler@gmail.com.


Thanks much!


Andy Bresler

St. Louis, MO

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Hi Andy,


Welcome to the CT family!  We have passed thru your airport several times ferrying CT's between the coasts, its a great stop! 


I sent you an email with our information and details of a CTLSi we have coming available, and also got your message this afternoon.  I will be in and out of cell phone coverage this weekend doing a couple CT ferry flights but will contact you as soon as I get home.  Email is available as well.

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The plane can be, and several have been, flown across the North Atlantic. But from what I’ve read, that’s a difficult proposition. The easier approach is to have it shipped across.

The air route generally includes stops in Scotland, possibly the Faroe Islands, Iceland, two stops in Greenland, and one in southeastern Nunavut Territory. The legs are long with few alternates available. And the in between parts are mostly open ocean or barren snow cap.

The plane certainly has sufficient range for each leg, but not necessarily enough to get back again, or even somewhere else. So, you have to be sure of the weather before you leave, and have a way of monitoring the weather in route. Your VHF radio won’t help. You’ll need a satellite-based system with a reliable forecaster and the other end.

And of course, you're going to need to wait at each stop, for however long it takes, to get the weather you need to go on. I would expect the trip to take weeks.

Also, things can go wrong mechanically, so you will need to carry survival gear. For the ocean crossings you'll need a life raft and you'll need to wear a coldwater immersion survival suit the whole time (which would be rather uncomfortable I would imagine). Though these may cost a couple thousand dollars to purchase, they can be rented instead.

Between the added equipment, fuel, meals and rooms along the way, it’s probably not cheaper than having the plane shipped across… But it would certainly be a great adventure.

Mike Koerner

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