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Avro Vulcan - End of an era


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The Avro Vulcan's last tour - unfortunately this amazing old war-bird has reached the end of the line, no extension allowed on the life of the airframe or engines so she is doing her last tour of Britain. Today it was a privilege to see her doing a few low passes over Barton Airfield near Manchester where I trained.

If you are interested in the story of Britain's last cold war nuclear bomber (and she bombed the Falklands too!) then the history is here http://www.vulcantothesky.org/


Some photos

















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  My Dad was a pilot in the RAF. When we were based at RAF Benson in 1959 I can remember Meteors and the Valetta that my Dad flew. At an air display I remember seeing the "V-Bomber " force all present. In those days it was all white colors, no camouflage. The Vulcan, Victor and Valiant !


 In 1968 we were at RAF Honington which was closed, so us lads were able to sneak around the hangars until the MPs directed us to the model shop which was a lot more fun! That summer the Suffolk skies were filled with Hurricanes, Spitfires, ME109s and Heinkels as they were filming the movie The Battle of Britain at nearby Duxford. It was brilliant .
 Occaisionally the RAF would use closed Honington for military exercises and quite often I'd get on my bike to go watch several Vulcans sitting ready at the end of the runway engines running and then all blast off !! Awesome.


 At the airline  fellow Brit captain I flew with (they hired several brits during a pilot shortage in the 60s) had flown the Vulcan and loved it!! Had some interesting stories.


Great plane!


Wonder if you could get a scaled down LSA version…….. :D

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Thanks for the reply - great memories.


I don't think there'll ever be an LSA Vulcan, but you can have a Spitfire - there's one based at Barton (EGCB), usually flown by the owner of a microlight flying school there



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