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Wrong wiring


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Roger, or anyone else that wants to dabble.


When you get a 2009 CTLS or newer in your shop with a D-120 EMS and an oil pressure sender that is not the old VDO design, can you take apart the EMS DB37 connector and see if it has a potentiometer? It will look like one of these. Please tell me which sides of the pot go to which pins in the connector (the last ones going into the airframe, one will go to ground, the other I haven't found yet).


I just pulled the connector apart on N503NM, which had a honeywell pressure sender that failed, and I'm throwing in the old VDO style that I had sitting around. However, due to a difference in operation, it does require severing a small connection that should have a resistor in it to ground in order to "backport" the old sender. However, I was getting an extremely strange readings on the wires, and when I found the pot... I have no idea WTF they were trying to do.


In this plane, pin 6 (oil pressure) is jumpered to a three way splice, with one wire going to pin 16 (ground), and the other to the pot. There's no 200 ohm resistor that the D120 install manual calls for when using the honeywell, kavlico, or other style sensors.


I ask because I want to see if this was a wiring mistake.

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