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FAA and sharks


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Procharger, (off topic)


I see that you have a 2007 Challenger clipped wing. We have something very much in common.

My wife and I built a 07 Challenger ll LSS clipped wing special from 2007-09. We received the AWC on 09-09-09 (easy to remember.)


I loved that aircraft and put 260 hours on it while enjoying performing my own maintenance and condition inspections (Had a repairmans certificate.) It was sold a year after we bought our Sting S4.


Here's a picture if interested.


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The earlier models were harder to handle from what I've heard also, due to the smaller vertical fin. Some owners installed winglets on the ends of the horiz stab for mor stability. I flew one with a dealer and didn't like it.


The LSS (goes by another name now) has many improvements like a more streamlined lexan enclosure, which helps keep the slipstream in tact over the tail feathers, and a much larger vertical fin and rudder which eliminates much of the yawing tendencies. Also, full fairings, hydrolic brakes, leading edge wrap, which eliminates the scalloped look and is so much more efficient. Horner fiberglass wing tips added more lift and a little more speed. I also installed a 1050 BRS.


I found the plane to be so much fun to fly. With a little rudder trim I could just rest my feet on the peddels, relax and enjoy the sceenery. I wish I could afford the two planes, one to travel and one for just pure fun. May be the next time around?

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My Challenger has HKS engine all upgrades you can get plus alt. enc. mode c ELT BRS its flies perfect much

easier to land than CT 6 hr flight time. Clipped wing, I'm told by other Challenger owners that the newer

model does not really fly any better, they said they would rather have clipped wing like mine, don't know about

all that never flown any other Challenger but mine ,it is for SALE 210 hours

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