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Garmin Non Certified ADS-B


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The GPS 20A, an ADS-B Out compliant WAAS GPS position source for experimental amateur-built (EAB) and light sport aircraft (LSA). For experimental aircraft owners that already have a Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder.


The non-certified GSP 20A provides aircraft owners with a simple, rule-compliant WAAS position source, which meets the TSO performance requirements set forth by the FAA.


Notice no mention of the SIL level....



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This might provide a path to ADS-B out for 2020. I would have to do the ES upgrade on my GTX- 330. Then the in Akron from Dynon would make sense.

There is no interface needed between in and out, correct?

The other option would be to use my 696 and GDL-39 for in.

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