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SW and LS parts

Roger Lee

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I just received new shipments of door lift struts, red polyurethane front suspension spacers and front suspension guide pins.


The new red spacers are wider in the OD than the older ones. The old ones were 20mm long x 20MM wide. These new ones are 20mm long x 25mm wide. They should hold up even better.


The front suspension guide pins are slightly over sized. The original ones were 11mm tall x 8mm wide on the flat sides. FD went to 12mm tall a number of years ago.

These new pins are 12mm tall and slightly oversized to 8.15MM wide on the flat sides. Most front end slots have worn out  and widened to some degree so replacing it with an original 8mm wide pin many times leaves some side to side play. The slightly wider pin can be sanded down if need be to make it a perfect hand fit to eliminate any front wheel side to side play.



I also have CTSW rubber engine mounts.



If you need any of these just email me or call.

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