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Lower cost WiFi for Skyview


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If anyone has been considering adding the WiFi setup to their Skyview, you don't need to buy the WiFi sticks from Dynon.  I just tested a "Edimax EW-7811Un" USB WiFi stick in one of my Skyviews.  It recognized it and was happy.  

The Edimax is only $10.  (Amazon sells it).
The Dynon branded stick is $35.
....and you have to have one per screen.  So, I wasn't interested in spending $70, but I'm happy to spend $20.


Thought just occured... Do you CT users have Skyview firmware which supports the WiFi?  I hear they attempt restrict/control that.  Hamburger seems to think an update is a world ending event...



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Hello N456TS!  After reading this post a while back I recently purchased a couple wifi usb modules (Tp-Link) from Amazon.  When I plug them in I get a "not detected" message.  I think I must be missing a critical step here because I think they should work - unless some driver component is necessary.  Any thoughts ??

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