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ADSB in using Raspberry PI

Flying Bozo

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Yesterday my friend came over to my hangar with his small gadget to test it for receiving ADSB weather and Traffic and airport information. It is called respberry pi .

Read the blog below and then if you are interested look at the shopping list. Total price would be about $125. The components go together without soldering.

This thing was amazing. We were in front of my hangar on the ground here in Cottonwood AZ receiving the above mentioned ADSB information. It will run for 10 hours on the battery or you can use a USB power from the cigarette lighter for power

It should work on most EFBs but we had I Fly, Android phone, I phone,android pad. 

This is super for the cost.

You do have to download the software on to the mini SD card using the link.




Shopping list.


http://amzn.com/B00MV6TAJI $69.99

http://amzn.com/B00P2UOU72 $25.95

http://amzn.com/B00JM59JPG $13.99

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Interesting use of dump978.  I operate 978mhz and 1090mhz ground receivers for aircraft tracking.  Oliver wrote dump978 mostly as a proof of concept.  He lives in the UK and they don't use 978 UAT, so it was mostly a "for fun" project.  Just to clarify, a Raspberry Pi is just the low cost computer, not the name of the linked project.  They can be used for...anything.  I've got 4-5 for different projects [using them]. 

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I tried a stratux with Foreflight, Wing-x and iFly yesterday.  All could see it. I had a poorly mounted antenna, so reception was limited.

However, this is a *great* project.  I like having something that talks to Foreflight (and doesn't cost too much).

This is a great merge of my computer and flying hobbies. Now, is it worth having this as well as Navworx in/out UAT? not sure.

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