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Ammeter Up-down-off-up-down-off


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Today as I was flying (CTLSi), near the end of the outbound flight and midway through return flight the ammeter was erratically moving to very high draw (30, 40 amps), to normal (7-8 amps), to x-ing out, back and forth.  Throughout all this the battery was consistently showing 13.6 volts, and both lanes' voltages were normal.


Would seem to me to be a sensor or Dynon issue.  Thoughts?


Thanks much,


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Hi Andy,


When using the Dynon with the Rotax the engine can be a little electrically noisy hence the constant ammeter movement, at least that's what Dynon says.

The ground all need to be tightened. Their are 5 in the engine compartment. Just follow them off the battery. Tighten them tight and of course check the negative on the battery.

Inside the instrument panel on the passenger side back on the firewall you will see all the ground wires on a buss terminal. Tighten the bolt(s) that goes through the firewall to the engine side. Make it tight.

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