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OEM of Rotax's newest oil pressure sensors (PN 456 180)


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Rotax has been relabeling the newest version of the oil pressure sensors that have been out for a while. I didn't realize it until now, but I have one here that they must have missed.


The OEM is Keller Industrial.

PAY ATTENTION! There's other closely labeled sensors which are the wrong ones!

Part number PAA-21Y (NOT PA-21Y !). There are several versions, here's the Rotax speced one:

3 wire

0.5…4.5 V Signal Output

8...32 VDC Supply

19mm hex

Delphi Metri-pack 150 (NOT 150.2!!!) series 3 pin style connector part number 12065287 (the one with the purple weatherproofing ring; color doesn't actually matter, it's that style of packard connector that counts)


Datasheet: http://www.kelleramerica.com/pdf-library/Piezoresistive%20transmitters%20for%20industrial%20applications-absolute%20and%20gauge%20references%2021%20Y.pdf


Rotax only uses 2 of the three pins on the 3 pin style, which makes it act similar to the 2 wire style. Those are pins B (positive supply, 8-28v) and C (ground).


You're not going to save much at all ordering this part elsewhere, it is expensive, and there's more specs than I've listed here that I haven't figured out (these are a highly customizable sensor series). The plug that comes with it, however, is a lot cheaper if you make the harness yourself.

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