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Link to a recent trip report


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To avoid duplicate threads, please allow me to just post a link to a trip report with photos and video I just posted over on SportPilotTalk.com.




Here's a separate link to just the video, if that's all you're interested in:



Open to any suggestions as to why my engine died on the runway on the second landing.  :o

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Low fuel pressure.  Did you turn on your electric fuel pump prior to reducing power for landing?  Do you have an electric fuel pump?

Boost pump - ON is part of the pre-landing checklist, and was on for both landings.


The fuel pressure gauge is the small gauge on the lower left and was solidly in the green throughout.


Did seem like the idle was low and dropping right before the stoppage - the tach is the larger gauge on the left.


Wondering if the really rough field could cause either cavitation in the float bowls or the floats themselves to be affected and stopping fuel flow. Rough field (roughest I've encountered) is the only oddity that stands out.

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