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Push rod o rings


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Here are sizes from lockwood


1  250 510   87x2        bottom of cylinder

1 430 205    6.4x1.8    bolt o ring valve cover

1 250 285    105x2.5   valve cover

2 230 910    34x2        intake

2 850 930    16x5        push rod tubes 

1 950 180    19x2        coolant nipple

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I don't think I will have to remove the shroud seeing that it's the front left cylinder, I thought someone

said thee were no o rings on my engine for the studs??


Your engine was not manufactured with the O-rings. It is a after the fact fix by Rotax because of the little oil leak that showed up on some engines. All of this is covered in the SI that I posted in the other thread.

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I just replaced all these seals on a CTSW. I won't say it can't be done, but replacing the cylinder base O-ring will be tough without removing the shroud, even on one cylinder. 


Since you said left front cylinder take a look at crankcase in between where the pushrod tubes go. Your little oil leak could be the precursor of a bigger problem. I have been told and seen pictures of a crack in the case in this area. They said normally you won't notice a problem, until the engine gets hard to turn.

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