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N30 to MVY (Martha's Vineyard, MA)


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Flight to and from PA to the Vineyard went very well. We departed 4 Nov. and returned on the 7th. A few days is plenty to take in the whole island. Temps were 70 degrees, exceptionally warm for this time of year thanks to a warm southwesterly flow. We were fortunate to see the "Green Flash" at the look out near at the Aquinnah Cliffs as the sun set into the sea.


This was our first long trip with the ADS-B OUT. Now with both IN and OUT a complete traffic picture is available on the 796.


Trip times and distance:

218NM one way

1:44 out with SW tailwind

2:10 back with NW headwind behind the front


The traffic display on the 796 is just fantastic and can be set to multiple distances.

I can honestly say that I feel much safer using the new system and would recommend it to anyone, even before the mandate.


A picture of our route is included for reference along with the approach to Martha's Vineyard, Stewart Int. Airport ,Newburgh, NY and Newport, RI.






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18 miles, with the Elizabeth Islands in between.

My wife and I both wear PFD's. (SOSpenders) Signal mirror, knife and whistle attached.

We also carry a registered and floatable PLB with Lat/Lon transmitter.


Smart!  I am thinking of making a Bahamas trip in the near future...I have a waterproof PLB, but need to get some PFDs for the airplane.

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Bravo on the PFD.  I routinely fly from KHHR (next to LAX) to KAVX (Catalina Island).  This trip includes about a 23 mile stretch over water.  no matter how you slice it, while you can see the Island from the mainland, there is a definite stretch where a problem incurred means an ocean ditch is a real potential.  We recently had a cub go down in the middle.  When I land I never see anyone removing a PFD.  I'm sure some may have them in the plane but it doesn't look like anyone has PFD's on their minds or on their bodies.  Guessing that people must assume that if they can see land, they'd be ok or have time to put one on if needed.  After having a CHT alarm over water a few years back (bad adjustable clamp on lower radiator hose) it has reinforced in my mind why I wear a PFD anytime a water crossing is on the flight plan.  Wearing it means wherever I end up, it ends up with me!


BTW, seeing your panel (looks nice and clean) reminds me of how much a CT panel looks like a kid built it at home using aluminum (well, looks like aluminum) fiberboard.  FD has never been big on pretty panels or nice interiors.  Every time I see a Tecnam inside I drool and think - now here is a real big boy interior!  Come to think of it, I vastly prefer Ferrari over Porsche, maybe I'm on to something about the nature of German's v Italian's!  (teasing of course)

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