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Baggage Compartment Opening Dimensions (CTLS)

Fly Boss

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What are the dimensions of the opening to the baggage compartment on the CTLS?  I'm needing to plan on what size luggage can fit in there.  Anybody know?




It's too small for anything hardcased.  Most things soft will fit.  Make sure to use a bungee to tie the bag to the hooks provided inside.  You can put golf clubs back there out of the bag.  If you want to do the extra work, there is a soft-cloth curtain behind the seats to allow shoving long stuff into baggage from inside the cockpit instead of using the baggage doors.

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I bought one of these for my CTSW travel bag:




It's Maxpedition, so it's built to last.  It fits (snugly) in one side of the CT baggage area, and has grab handles,  a shoulder strap, and backpack straps for various carry options.  As a bonus, it's sized to the FAA carry-on standards, so if your CTSW gets stranded somewhere you can hop a commercial flight home without having to worry about checking baggage.


That bag combined with my Maxpedition backpack were all the baggage I needed for the trip to Page and back, which due to delays stretched on to three weeks.  If I was a better packer and didn't try to bring everything possible, I could have gotten by with just the single bag.

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