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Student pilot changes coming

Tom Baker

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I recently became a FAAST team member on the maintenance side for out local FSDO. Because of that I receive a FAST Blast emails from them.


Today there was one outlining a change to student pilot certificates. As of April 1st this year all new student pilot certificates will be of the plastic type just like all other pilot certificates. They will no longer be issued by AME's along with a medical certificate. For sport pilot students little will change except you will be able to do the application with a CFI making it easier to get.


The new certificates will not have an expiration date. There will no longer be a requirement for the certificate to be endorsed by a CFI. All endorsements will now be in the logbook.


For those who have a paper student pilot certificate don't need to worry, it will not need to be replaced until the expiration date on the certificate.


One thing to note is that you will need to have the certificate in hand to exercise the privileges of a student pilot. You might want to consider applying for the certificate as soon as you start training. If you are going someplace for accelerated training you need to get the certificate well ahead of time.

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It should be noted that in this process, student information will be transmitted to the TSA for review after receipt by the FAA. From there, it will go to airmen certification where certificates will be sent in batches.

This process is extremely long. The FAA said they are trying to decrease it to as little as 3 weeks.

The FSDO, part 141 schools, DPEs abd CFIs can all help with submitting the application.

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