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SLSA and SB's

Roger Lee

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SLSA and your Service Bulletins


Looks like with the new LSA rules becoming effective April 2nd. require all SLSA owners to have proof or documentation that all the SB's for your plane are current and that has to be passed on to the next owner as well. I have seen in the last two months too many CT's in specific that do not have service bulletins done and no documentation in their logbooks either way.

I would make it a priority as the owner to log these SB's in your logbook and get them signed off as done. This is anorther thing that will cost you big bucks when you decide to sell your plane if this is not done regardless of the new rule. I saw a CT last month that was 14 SB's out of date. Remember there are Rotax, FD and BRS SB's. If you don't get the mechanic to log and sign it off when they do it then getting another mechanic to sign off and take the liability for someone else's work may be difficult. There is usually a place in the back off the logbook to list any SB's that relate to you and documet the time and date done. You may even want to list ones that don't apply to your specific plane, i.e. the stabilator SB for older CT's, and log it as not applicable. It only takes 30 seconds and makes everyone's life easier. Sometimes trying to go back years on a plane to find if an item has been done is not that easy and some mechanics paperwork as you all know can be less than desirable.


This is not something really new, but should be done for any aircraft. keep good records and save yourself a headache and money later.

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