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My first solo landing - CTSW

Ed Cesnalis

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Ten years ago my CTSW was delivered to me in Mammoth Lakes by a 747 driver who checked me out.  Weather was marginal and I had no trouble flying and landing the CT so I got signed off after 1 hour, easy peasy.


Next day weather was good so I flew solo to Bishop and landed runway 30.  As my mains contacted a I saw with my peripheral vision a big yellow object fly by the passenger door and I immediately knew what it was, my right main landing gear hairraising.gif


Believe it or not I have experience landing with my right main gear missing so I knew the drill. I instinctively went full left stick and found my balance on the left main. The throttle was closed so in another couple seconds it settled.  I was expecting a snapped strut to contact and result in a ground loop but I settled on to the landing gear and rolled out normally.


After taxiing to the ramp I saw it was only the fairing that departed and all else was fine.  The point of this story is that FDwest fabricated a new fairing for me using what was left of the old one.  Tom Dunham did the work in Alturas.  


One of you guys with big wheel pants that cause yaw instability might be able to fabricate a smaller version?

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