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Polaroid Cube?


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'Anybody out there used a Polaroid Cube (or Cube+) for their flying videos (or otherwise?).  I had an encounter a few days ago with a TV news reporter (my entire patio was ripped from the house and moved 100'), and was surprised to see they were shooting some of their video with this tiny 1" camera... and raving about how great it was.  I've seen a few videos on Youtube, but not much with flying footage.  The demos and comparison videos are impressive.

Pros, as I see it:

  • Small
  • Simple
  • great quality, including stabilization
  • Good lens angle, 124 degrees, wide but not fisheye-ish
  • Cheap. $50-60 for base model and $125 for gen2 with wifi and image stabilization etc.
  • Interesting mounts, from the built-in magnet to full-blown underwater mounts, tripod, suction cups, helmets, etc.
  • WiFi control and viewing on gen2 unit
  • Decent battery life (100 minutes)


I'm thinking I'd use this sometimes instead of the GoPro, which is just too complicated and too much hassle sometimes. 

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