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Garmin 696 as an EFB


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Dear Group,


A real newbie here but I was wondering if anyone is aware if the Garmin 696 can read or Garmin is planning to update the software to allow the 696 to read pdf files from an SD card like the newer 796 is able to do.


Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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I'm also new, so let me tell you my experience.

I use the garmin 695 and I also ask myselfe, if it will be possible to see pfd-files on the display. this is not possible yet.


I thried the Jeppesen Chart-View and I must say this is what you propably need. First of all you need onetime the Chart-View-Key for your device. 

Than you can order the georeferenced Charts from Jeppesen. Not very comfable to order as you have to call for ordering.

But than you have all the approach charts available on your Garmin. Not very cheap, but usefull.  Not very cheap because the Charts expires in some month.


I have to say, that I use the europe coverage, so maybe it is different in US.


I try to post a example picture of the chart...

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