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9th Annual Page, AZ CT and Light Sport Fly-In


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Annual 2016 CT and Light Sport Fly-In, Page, AZ

October 13 - 16, 2016


The time has come to start your planning for this year’s 9th Annual Page CT and Light Sport Fly-In, hosted by CTFlier.com.  John-Olav Johnsen and Tim Greer  are now taking the helm and between us we are the new “Roger Lee” for planning and execution of this terrific annual event.  We will try to do as good of a job as Roger has done all the years past.  Big shoes to fill!


Notice that this is now billed as the “CT and Light Sport Fly-In and is hosted by CTFlier.com”.  While  as in years past the focus is primarily on CT aircraft, we are extending a welcome to any Light Sport aircraft to join us, not just CTs!


Dinner Thursday night is the “official” kick-off of the fly-in and starts at 1730 hrs. at the Ranch House Grill. This is just 2 blocks north of the hotel at 819 Navajo Drive.


This year’s Page, AZ Fly-In date is Thursday October 13 - Sunday 16, 2016.  

“Official” arrival is Thursday, Oct. 13th and we head for home Sunday morning Oct. 16th.

We will do group flights over the Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley (breakfast), Zion Canyon and Bryce Canyon (breakfast), Bullfrog Marina and Resort (breakfast), once again also up to Escalante, Utah (breakfast) and this year we are adding a new route into the mix...to Monticello, Utah via spectacular Comb Ridge.  Each year we change a few things to add variety to the experience. A total of 35 rooms have been blocked off at the Clarion Inn with a rate of $65 (2 queen beds). Breakfast is free in the mornings. The Clarion has not only a continental breakfast but a hot breakfast menu as well. 


We hope to have a record number of CT's and LSA aircraft for our Page Fly-In. Just like in years past make your reservations early so you don't miss out; the hotel won't hold all 35 rooms forever.  Book it now and you can cancel up to 24 hours before Oct. 13th. Get it booked and reserved, then if you have to cancel you can, but if you wait again then you may not be staying with the rest of us and at your own peril for rates and possibly a different hotel. They book darn near the whole town in October. "You must tell them you are with the CT Group for your reference and the rate of $65 a night or you will end up being charged full price.   Ask for the General Manager, Illisa M. Tso if you have any issues with your reservations or contact either John-Olav or Tim through the CTFlier.com forum.


Clarion Inn - Page

751 South Navajo Drive

Page, AZ 86040



The Ranch House Grill will again cater our evening dinners. We will have evening meals together Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


We will fly into the Page airport - KPGA.

We are staying with Classic FBO.  The CT Fly-In group will receive a 30 cent per gallon discount on fuel.

Classic is not the first FBO next to the runway, but the second one behind them.


The Antelope Canyon tour and the tour of the Glenn Canyon Dam is open if anyone wants; you make these tour arrangements on you own. These are land tours.


You are welcome to invite other planes that are not CT's and everyone is welcome. Find some more LSA's.  Everyone is welcome!!!


It is important that you attend the dinner each evening to take part in the flight briefings and to sign up for what flights you want to take the following morning if you intend to fly in one of the groups.  The advantage of being in a group flight is safety plus flight leaders are experienced and knowledgable with the geography and routes of the flights.


Don't miss this, we always have fun.


Everyone coming please send John-Olav an email through the CTFlier.com forum so we can put together a roster and make name tags.  If you attended last year and we have your personal info then just say you are coming. If you did not come last year then we need your email to include: N#, Names of you and co-pilot, cell phone number, city, state.

This is a big help in organizing our flights since we have so many planes and it gives old friends and new friends a way to contact each other if need be.


Thanks.  Looking forward to seeing you all in Page!


John-Olav Johnsen and Tim Greer, CTFlier.com Page Fly-In Administrators





A 1/2 day raft trip is set for Thursday Oct. 13th from Glen Canyon Dam down to just above Lee's Ferry


You must tell them you are with the CT group!


This is a change from previous year’s trips in that the half day river trip will take place on the normal “arrival day”, Thursday October 13th.  There was no availability of rooms to support a Wednesday trip this year.  So, while Thursday is official “arrival day” there are no Fly-In events planned until the kick-off dinner at 1730 hrs. For those taking the Thursday river trip, if you want to take advantage of seeing a spectacular stretch of the Colorado River, you need to plan on a Wednesday October 12 arrival.  Again, there are only 12 rooms available at our CT rate prior to Thursday so plan accordingly. The trip starts in Page at 1100 hrs where we will take a shuttle bus down below the dam. We will board a 20-22 person raft and travel down river for about 1.5 hrs. and get out for drinks and photos. Then back into the rafts and on down close to Lee's Ferry. Then we turn around for a high speed run in the raft back to the start. We will be back in Page by 1600 or so.  There are no white water rapids, just a nice calm trip down through the canyon. The cost for all of this is $83 a person. The phone number for the reservations is 928-645-9175. BE SURE TO IDENTIFY YOURSELF AS PART OF THE CT GROUP WHEN YOU MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS!  If you want to bring a lunch that is okay. You can also order a lunch at the time you make your reservation, cost is $10.50. Drinks are provided.
Don't be left out. They have a 48 hr. cancellation policy and you get it all back except a $7 charge.  A block of 12 rooms out of the block of 35 have been reserved for October 12th for those planning on taking the river trip.
Here is the link for detailed information: http://raftthecanyon...day-raft-trips/


C’mon, get signed up and take part in the best CT and Light Sport Fly-In in the most spectacular setting with the best flying conditions any pilot could hope for!

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No replies yet? 


Well, then I will be the first and start it :-).

Elizabeth and I plan on attending in my RV-12, room is booked and prayers have been sent to hope for better weather this year.

Looking forward to meeting you all!



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Evening all.  I have been away from the forum for over a week, enjoying a motorcycle trip. Just to reiterate, please make your reservations directly with the hotel but then email me either through this forum's messaging or to my home email:  johnolav@comcast.net  Be sure I have contact information for you (phone and email), type of plane, N number, and whether you will have a passenger.  We need the head count info for dinner planning.  


Time is passing quickly.  Get signed up if you are planning to attend.  And then let me know.   :ive_got_it-1379:

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REMINDER:  After you get your hotel reservation PLEASE provide me with confirmation that you are attending and include your 1) NAME;  2) AIRCRAFT TYPE AND N NUMBER; and 3) A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER.





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The 2016 Annual CT and Light Sport Fly-in based in Page, Arizona is exactly three months away!  If you are planning to go, wanting to go, hoping to go, not sure if you are going but thinking about it...make your hotel reservation.  The aerial sightseeing opportunities in the spectacular Four Corners country is something you don't want to miss.  Whether you have come to the Fly-in many times or if this will be your first time it is always a memorable experience.  Meet fellow CT and other Light Sport pilots and take advantage of flying with pilots with extensive local knowledge who lead group sightseeing flights over and to iconic locations like Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Escalante Canyon, and up Lake Powell including views of Rainbow Bridge.  Come a couple of days early, sign up for the half day Colorado River raft float trip, and get an even more dramatic view of the Great Southwest canyon country.


Make those reservations and then confirm your name and contact info with me so I can get you on the list.  If you have any questions send me a personal message and we can chat.  SEE YOU IN PAGE!

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Yes.  I saw your question from yesterday just a little while ago as I have been gone for the past week and away from computer access and am wading through email, etc now trying to catch up.   Rooms are still available.  If you are even just hoping to go but unsure make your reservation...it can be cancelled with 24 hour notice, no penalty.  Hope to see you there.

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How many planes usually show up ?


Is there discount MoGas ?


Can you reserve rooms for less than all of the

nights ?


RE: Group flights


How common is formation

flying experience ?  Or, do

you just plan a loose "CT Overcast" ?



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We have had anywhere from high teens to around 35 planes in past years.  So far we have 16 planes signed up, about right for this early but more folks typically sign up into September and early October.

There is a discount offered for Avgas from the FBO but no Mogas unless you have your own cans with you and buy in town.

Yes, you can reserve your room for less than the full number of nights.

A few of us are former military and/or have formation experience but it is not necessary and the "formations" we fly are basically "gaggles" or as you put it well, CT Overcasts!  Usually there are 5 aircraft in any one group.  We take off singly in sequence about 15 - 20 seconds apart and fly out slowly until everyone is off the runway and caught up, then proceed in a very loose trail or echelon group, keeping each other is sight.  If not attentive pilots can get spread out too much and lose the group so to prevent that it is imperative that plane position no. 2 keeps lead in sight, no. 3 keeps 2 in sight, etc.  But this is about enjoying sightseeing flights and close formation is not needed, nor given the general lack of formation experience, safe.  We emphasize SAFE!  Our usual flight leaders have done this before and will brief every flight member prior to each flight with instructions covering comms, maneuvering, lost aircraft procedure, aircraft down procedure, etc.  And you do not have to fly in a group...some folks go out on their own to sightsee.  We will also go over all of this in detail during the group briefing following dinner the first evening.

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Unless you rent a car or find someone to drive you, getting unleaded fuel at Page is difficult. It's 0.8 miles (walking distance) to the nearest gas station.

If you're eager to stick with unleaded, or just cheap, there is a "convenient airport" 13 miles southwest of Page called Marble Canyon. It has a gas station across the street from the aircraft parking area. I stopped at Marble Canyon after each day of flying during the three Page fly-ins I attended. I always carry a couple empty 5-gallon gas jugs in the back just for this purpose. I also have a light-weight folding dolly for longer totes but don't bother with it at Marble Canyon. I have a folding step stool too, but there's a semi-rolling fuel platform in the parking area so there's no need to get it out either. After topping off, I hop over to Page to join the fly-in festivities.

There's also a pretty nice cafe behind the gas station at Marble Canyon. I don't eat there during the fly-ins, preferring to eat with the group, but I do when I use Marble Canyon as a mid-day stop on cross-country flights.

Those two features, nearby food and unleaded fuel, define a "convenient airport" for me. I keep track of these.

I also keep track of convenient airports with lodging for overnight stops. In fact, there used to be a fancy restaurant and motel next to the gas station at Marble Canyon. All 3 were within a 100 yards of the aircraft parking area. But the fancy restaurant and motel burned down several years ago.

Mike Koerner

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I have a 10 person van reserved for the period of the fly-in.  As in previous fly-ins we will run it as a shuttle from the hotel to the airport.  


Mike is right...it is not realistic to get mogas at Page without a car.  But with the van we can, within reason, transport some fuel on a case-by-case basis.

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I will be calling the Hotel and the Rafting Company this week to get their respective listings of attendees to compare to the list I have from notifications I've received. Want to ensure no one has dropped through the cracks.  Will do this again a couple of times again before the fly-in and I'll notify anyone who is missing from the reservation system who has indicated to me they will be attending.


If you have made a reservation and have NOT notified me you will be coming please do so ASAP.

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This is who I have down as confirmed that they are attending the Fly-in.  If you have previously confirmed but do not see your name please advise ASAP.  Please be sure to provide your passenger's name (if one is coming), N number, aircraft type, Home Base, and phone contact.   

Bergmann, Lee & Christine Brame, Mack & friend Carlson, Ted & Martha Corey, Bob & Cathy Grinolds, Tom & Marie Horn, John & Shirley Ince, Bill Jefts, Duane & Cathy Johnsen, John-Olav & Lisa Kelty, Richard "Rick" & Pam King, Bob Kreienkamp, Ron & Jan Langan, John & Linda McEnvoy, Peter & RoLayne Provensano, Rich & Mary Mancuso Torsten & Elizabeth Walker, Andy Welch, Phillip


Am waiting for a list of confirmed names from the Clarion Hotel to compare with the list above to sort out any discrepancies.


For the raft trip on the morning of October 13 three couples (Kelty, Wren, and Johnsen) are confirmed so far by the rafting company.  If you are going to go on the raft trip be sure to make that reservation and BE SURE TO TELL THEM YOU ARE WITH THE CT GROUP.  If you have made a reservation but your name is not listed as one of the three couples/persons so far please call the rafting company and get them to put your name under the CT GROUP.


The Fly-in is coming around fast.  If you are looking to come please get your reservation made to the hotel and, if rafting, to the rafting company.

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The formatting fell apart when posted. Here is the list in better to read form


Bergmann, Lee & Christine

Brame, Mack & friend

Carlson, Ted & Martha

Corey, Bob & Cathy

Grinolds, Tom & Marie

Horn, John & Shirley

Ince, Bill

Jefts, Duane & Cathy

Johnsen, John-Olav & Lisa

Kelty, Richard "Rick" & Pam

King, Bob

Kreienkamp, Ron & Jan

Langan, John & Linda

McEnvoy, Peter & RoLayne

Provensano, Rich & Mary Mancuso

Torsten & Elizabeth

Walker, Andy

Welch, Phillip

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