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Reduced ADS B-IN reception for GPS250


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I am using my factory ADSB-OUT via the 261 and a Stratus receiver to receive ADSB TISB on Foreflight.  On last flight, I saw a number of bogeys on the Skyview TIS that were not present on Stratus/Foreflight and very little traffic from my Stratus/Foreflight combo. 


Has anyone with a factory 261 transponder seen their ADSB IN reception diminish in the last month? 


Dynon states that the new ver 14 software must be installed to change SIL & SDA value to 1 (from current value of 0) to continue receiving ADSB broadcasts triggered from the 261.  This is a problem for us FD people as we do not have authorization from FD to do so.  Are we locked out of ADSB IN information for the foreseeable future?



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Dynon seem to be experiencing problems with SV 14.0 in fact there are several updates to it to debug it as well as a beta version. many folks on the Dynon Forum are asking to go back to SV 13.0 until the fix is complete.

 The latest version was released today (2/25/2016) as SV


I'm running SV 13.0 on my Vans RV-12 and I usually wait till vans reviews a SV firmware update for RV-12 issues. When they've reviewed it they release it on their site along with updated settings files.


Dynon say if you upload V14.0 you have to reset your transponder. A couple of weeks ago the ground stations want to see the SIL and SDA go to 1 but id you don't upgrade to 14.0, which I haven't, then you do get some anomalies. I have started getting traffic alerts on my own plane again otherwise everything else is fine, so its a minor annoyance.


Many folks want to , or have, installed the new 2020GPS from Dynon which requires V14.0 and so there are many complaints and Dynon is scrambling to get it fixed. I think I'm going to hold off on the 2020 GPS for a while, certainly until Dynon has sorted out V14.0.


Not sure how this will affect FD folks as I know FD have been slow in approving upgrades to the newer versions. At the moment, with the V14.0 issues this may be a blessing in disguise.


Problem seems to be so many are seeing a lot of different issues and problems with V14.0.


Check out the threads and posts on Dynon's Forum..it may help you sort out your issue or you can ask your question there and address it directly to Dynon:-



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