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Question about horizontal stabilizer condition

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I have some doubts about an used CT2K for sale, it is advertised with 360h TT. I attach two pictures of the horizontal stabilizer, questions are:

it is normal the paint damage?, 

which can degrade the paint in this sensitive area?
It is normal corrosion on metal part?
Thanks a lot for your help






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Looks like age to me. Early stages of corrosion on those metal parts, should clean up pretty well if you address it now.


To be honest, when you have things like this, you should post a LOT of photos, from multiple angles. Or video.


Aircraft don't age like other things. You can have very high utilization and still look pristine, or have something neglected with only a few hours on it. It's not really that easy to detect true age; instead focus on condition.

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Hi Pedro,

It looks like the bit of rust could be cleaned off and re painted. For your information are you sure that aircraft is a CT2k? I have a CT2k and I can see a difference between your photos and my aircraft. The door closing handle and the stabilator mass balance was fitted to the earlier CT aircraft. I am not aware of any European CT2k with your features. What wings are fitted?


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