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No fire on plugs


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My starting problem back, will not start pulled plugs several are wet, yesterday  started

as soon as i turned key, today nothing, replaced with new plugs no start it tries but

same problem some new plugs wet pulled out the 4 on top and grounded them to

engine number 1 and 2 on top will not fire 3 and 4 on top look good didn't check

any on bottom figured was no need i have a problem.??SUGGESTIONS  I guess

I will switch boxes and see  what that does first.


If I need new Ign boxes looks like I have the plugs that have 5 wires on one plug and

6 on other plug which box do I need to order if that is whats wrong? thanks

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Hi Procharger,


You shouldn't pull plugs on the 912 like the old lawnmower and try to see a spark. If done wrong you will kill the ignition modules. The second item is you most likely won't see the spark even if there is one unless it is black outside. This isn't the plugs, the coils or a fuel issue. You have either low rpm and before you say no it needs to be ruled out as an issue.  leave no stone unturned and follow in a logical path or you may look a long time. My guess is this is a simple fix. Either hookup something to jump the battery or use a different battery. Next I would look and check the wires on the back of the starter switch and put a screwdriver on each screw. Second I would check both red wires coming off each module plug and follow them and see if the insulation has rubbed through and they have grounded out. Check the two white ground wires that come off the modules too to make sure they have not grounded out and these will also be on the back of the starter switch.


This is possible that you had one module stater circuit that was bad, but didn't notice since the other one was functioning. The second one may have now quit too. 

Two things to check modules. You can send them to Lockwood and have them checked. You can also put a one gallon ice bag on them for about 30 min. and then try your start. Full choke and crack the throttle. If they start then buy two new modules. If they don't then time to look some more for a bad wire.

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I had the plugs grounded really good to engine as stated before i switched  places

where the plugs were fireing with the ones that weren't and still no fire so something

is wrong, with all the start problems I have been having guess I will switch boxes and

see if I get fire on the bad ones. How often do coils go bad and I believe there is

a trigger device on back of engine is that correct thanks?? Also I was doing all this

in the dark so I am sure it's dead. I also had jumper cables on and it was turning over

really fast.


Eddie both modules bad on yours or you just replace both because one was bad??

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For the timing light, any auto parts store or Amazon. I bought the cheapest I could find.


My assumption is that both modules were bad. That the starting circuit on one failed first, then the other. I had the Bullyhawk SoftStart module, so I was routinely starting with just one ignition on - I have separate ignition switches.

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