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Poker Run!


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At the last minute I decided to do my first Poker Run, sponsored by some folks in Cleveland, TN. I was solo - Karen tried to get in the Sky Arrow, but with her new hip she thinks she needs another few weeks before managing that. For much of it flew formation with my friend Dan in his Piper Colt.

There was some ground fog to drive through on the way to Copperhill, but it was burning off nicely by my 8:15A takeoff. Looking down at US64 where it runs through Ducktown, TN:
(Note: all the photos can be viewed in larger format by clicking on them)
Some decent hills to top on the way to the first stop, Collegedale, TN for my first card:
There was a welcoming party waiting just off the runway:
Next stops were at Dayton, TN and then on to Knoxville Downtown Island. Staying under the Class C gave a nice view of Downtown Knoxville:
From there it was back down to Athens, TN and then at the final stop at Cleveland Regional. My hand sucked (Queen high), though at one point I was only four cards away from a straight flush!
Anyway, perfect day for flying, and I hope the 3.7 logged hours knocked some of the rust off both my cylinders and me!
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Agree. That's an awesome shot Eddie. Can someone enlighten me as to what a poker run is?



Whether it's planes or motorcycles or cars, typically you travel to at least five destinations. At each you get a single playing card.


At the end, the one with the best poker hand wins something.


In this case, it was $10 to enter and I think the winner got the pot.


But actually, it's just an excuse to go fly (or ride or drive) and the camaraderie that goes along with that.

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