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Remote Tire Pressure Monitoring


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I recently purchased one of these remote tire pressure monitors that is designed for a 3 wheel motorcycle. With some shopping around you can find this guy for under $200, I bought mine for closer to $100 but the source is not currently selling them (Amazon) Even at $200 it is much less than a 3 wheel version sold at some of the aviation supply stores designed for an airplane It works great, instead of getting on my knees and fumbling with a tire pressure guage I just turn on the remote and check the pressure on the remote! The clearance between the sensors and the wheel pants on the rear and fork on the front is close so make sure the sensor doesn't strike anything as it spins on the tire. I find the device to work extremely well and has proven to be very reliable as to measurement. One handy feature is you can set an alarm to vibrate on the remote if the pressure falls below a specified air pressure that you set. Google search TireGuard TPMS3 if the link doesn't work for you...



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