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Back from Sun N Fun and a cruise


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If you haven't been there and you live close enough to go do it, my first time was really good.

Gyro copters, were  a lot of them, don't want one but there were a bunch of nice ones to see.

Lots of exp. and home built flying and landing every 20 seconds or so on grass runway. Went

into the Rotax tent talked to Dean at lockwood. He said the flywheel doesn't do much for

starting, well to late I have it now, anyway got some good information. Red Bull air race demo.

was really good , they flew Friday and Sat  saw the Honda Viking engine looked really good,

had the gear box in my hand taken apart, very nice unit time will tell.Engine was in two planes

there. very clean install, not much wiring and plumbing.


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Dean's words might not be within enough context... it certainly does help with making starting smoother, but it won't solve any existing starting problems. Roger did mention checking carbs and other systems first before going crazy inside the engine :-). All the flywheel does is shifts the timing a bit.


Now it most definitely will do a lot more to help prevent a kickback since it waits until after TDC to fire, but again: so long as the fuel isn't detonating.


Did you see my post here? http://ctflier.com/index.php?/topic/3677-flooded-again/#entry53727

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Yea we checked the chokes on both sides they were correct.


Mind if I ask if the mechanic actually took them off to make sure the correct discs were on the correct side? I know I'm being a little naggy, but I'm just wanting to help :-).


Hows the sprag install going?

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